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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis Self-Warming Deto
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BC Scalp Genesis is Schwarzkopf Professional's first holistic detoxifying scalp system that instantly rebalances the scalp and secures the source of future hair quality. With its patented StemCode™ Complex and Vitamins, BC Scalp Genesis is a stress-defying system designed to precisely address and work against scalp imbalances, while deeply detoxifying and protecting the stem cell and bulb metabolism.

First in the program is Scalp Genesis Self-Warming Detox Prep-Treatment, this helps to refresh and re-balance the scalp. Using a vitamin boosted formula it supports the scalp whilst detoxifying the hair and scalp. The scalp's natural protective barrier is restored, strengthening it against oxidative stress and external aggressors.

Suitable for normal to oily scalps.

To use: Apply to the dry scalp in sections. Massage the scalp to stimulate then rinse thoroughly.

Hair &Scalp Needs Sensitive Scalp

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