Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1/ Sales and service is only available to those who visit this website through HKSAR. If you choose location from which to visit the Web site, access to services or make a purchase, you are deemed to be responsible for your own choices, bear the consequences of the commitment to comply with all applicable laws in Hong Kong.


2/ Persons using this website and services must be at least 15 years old.


3/ You will set your own login name and password, and you must keep them safe and remember them well. You must understand that the Internet or any data transmission over the internet network cannot be guaranteed as 100% safe, you must bear these risks. You will need to take full responsibility for losses due to improper storage password.


4/ All accounts must be registered with the commonly used e-mail, to ensure that all changes of information and all latest information to be sent to the your e-mail box. If you register by using other's email address or temporary e-mail address, those accounts may be removed without prior notice. In case we consider some e-mail as invalid, you will be asked to re-verify your account.

5/ If we discover that you use a proxy IP (Internet Protocol address) to register multiple accounts, or causing any interference to our Site or the site's services, we reserve the right to remove your account.